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Most business relationships today start with a conversation. Marketing activities attempt to get the attention of top prospects and engage them in a conversation. It can happen in person or online. Today, this is increasingly difficult to market online with the sheer volume of everything online out there. Most people and businesses need outside help.

The highly engineered LinkedIn campaigns date back over 10 years and they do exactly this. They create conversations using a systematic process that finds and engages your top prospects from LinkedIn’s vast network in just the right way, getting you into more conversations that lead to more and better business.

Are you super busy with little time to spare?

Our “Done For You” LinkedIn campaigns might be for you. The time-consuming campaign work moves to our team as you focus on the responders who express interest in hearing directly from you. We make it easy and so does the tool with its color-coded inbox, labels and filters.

LinkedIn and Email communications are sent to your top prospects – in the right geography, with the right job titles, in the right industries, with the right amount of experience, with the right message, with the right timing, and more.

The sending looks a bit like this:

  • Connection Request Message
  • Welcome Message on LinkedIn
  • Email Message
  • Reminder Message on LinkedIn
  • Reminder Email Message

Do you have more time than money perhaps?

“Do It Yourself” LinkedIn campaign coaching . This may be the right fit if you like to be more involved in the process. We get you all set up with the knowledge, systems and tools and then guide you and support you as you take the reins of the campaign activities. 

Regular calls. Enjoy regular Zoom calls with experts who guide you every step and get quick support whenever you need it. We provide templates, searches, Google Docs and sheets and more. We even set up the systems for you and support them.

Do you have a team?

Get your sales team or executive team on the same page and fully equipped and effective with the powers of LinkedIn through expert-led training. 

We cover LinkedIn, Sales Navigator and campaign outreach activities in a single-day, in-person session or in a series of online sessions that can be recorded. To back up your team, we provide a support lifeline as they put what they learn into action. 

In all cases

We have a time-proven LinkedIn and Email outreach methodology and system that have been developed and improved upon over many years. 

  • Optimize the LinkedIn profile for campaign outreach activity.
  • Discuss and engineer targeting options so you reach out to the right prospects using all the power and all the tricks. 
  • Train on how to best use lead and account lists and scrub them to eliminate anybody that does not fit. 
  • Adjust and refine the targeting criteria over time as we learn more and more about your targets and what seems to work best with them.
  • Help create LinkedIn and Email messages that appeal to your specific target audiences. 
  • Automate repetitive parts of the process to free up valuable time (when using systems).
  • Ensure that the same targets are not engaged by multiple team members.

Whether it’s a manual approach for one person or a systemized approach for a team or something else, we can help you sort it out, get it up and running and enjoy great success.

Software Costs. Note that LinkedIn Sales Navigator ($90/mo) is required to make the campaigns most effective and there is a $100/mo tool cost when systemizing. 

Contact Us for more information or to set up a call. We will discuss your business and your target market and share how Virtual Business Partners can get you into more conversations that lead to more (and better) business. 

What Our Clients Say

Ted Fall

Luxury Home Furnishing Brands Sales Consultant and Real Estate Investor

I’ve been collaborating with Doreen for over 2 years now and have found her work exemplary. As an independent sales agent in the luxury home furnishings business her handling of back-office work and appointment setting has allowed me to focus on other areas of my business that have led to two consecutive years of better than average sales growth and customer retention.

Weldon J. Reeves

CPA/PFS, CEBS, MBA, TR&R Investment Advisors

Doreen has helped me to remain productive and efficient. She keeps me organized, anticipates needs, and is good with our clients. Doreen frees me up from administrative tasks so that I can focus on our clients.

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