Doreen Computer design hero-01We love to build beautiful websites! Our specialty is WordPress. With its versatility, ease of use and powerful themes, we deliver fully functional web sites at a fraction of what they used to cost “back in the day”.  Whether you have an existing site you are looking to enhance or want something totally new, you’ll be quite surprised with the power of WordPress.

We like to complement our web design services with graphic design. If you are looking for a custom header, logo, or some other piece of custom artwork, we will work with you to be sure your deliverable is one of a kind!

Graphic design is also a stand alone service here at VBP. Need a custom button for your website or a cool new header for your newsletter, we can work with you to create a piece that is unique and custom to you and your brand.

Our process for these services is not a one and done approach.  We will sit down with you learn your sense of style, what you like and dislike about design as you know it, and we will review samples and examples with you.

From an initial audit, project plan to design and development, you’ll know exactly what is happening at each stage of the process.

Download a sampling of our project portfolio.

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Getting your new website to perform is not easy. It requires fresh copy for your website pages if you hope to attract the notice of the search engines – not to mention your target audience. The best way to make that impression is to have everything in place when your new website goes live!

At Virtual Business Partners, our website design and copywriting team are here to help you get your website up and running with Creative Website Copywriting, a great Opt-in Gift, and Innovative WordPress Website Design and Development when you need it the most – right at the beginning – and without breaking the bank.

Pricing for website design start at:

Jump Starter Basic Website Package

  • 5 pages, optin integration, basic copy editing, and requisite plugins. Add-on feature available also. See detailed list below!

High-Impact Premium Website Package

  • 5 – 10 page website, optin creation (mini-e-book or article), one done for you blog post plus all the features in the basic plan. 

Custom WordPress Website Design

  • Any combination of our Basic or High Impact website products to include any additional requirements or design elements.

Additional Time-Saving Packages from Virtual Business Partners

Composing emails to prospects or clients can be time consuming and frustrating. How do you say “Thank you” for opting-in to your email list? What is the best way to support them and nurture your relationship after a coaching session? How can you inspire them to write a testimonial for you? At VBP, we have the answers to all of those questions!

Call-to-Action Email Autorepsonders

Our package of 10 Autoresponder Email Message Templates will enable you to follow-up with clients after they have responded to a particular Call-to-Action. Your goal in doing this is to support both potential and existing clients; offering praise and encouragement, as well as the motivation to work with you to meet their needs.

Email Autoresponder Template Package… $199

10 Autoresponder Email Templates in response to a Call-to-Action

Email Nurture Package for Coaches

As a coach, you know that some coaching sessions are successful and some, well, not so much. With our Email Nurture Package you’ll be ready to offer support and encouragement following both successful and problematic coaching sessions, as well as the motivation to continue the work already accomplished.

Email Nurture Package… $199

10 Coaching Session Follow-up Nurture Emails: 6-for Successful Coaching Sessions & 4-for Problem Coaching Sessions

By keeping in touch with your clients in this way, you’re far more likely to keep them as clients too. No more coping with clients who get bored or frustrated, or who quit on you before they complete the program. Use these positive reinforcement tools to enhance their commitment to you, and to your Coaching Program.

Monthly Blog Writing from Virtual Business Partners

We know how it is. You’re already pressed for time to service your clients properly, how do you fit blog writing into your busy schedule too? At VBP, we have the solution – Done-for-You Monthly Blog Writing. This is a great tool for keeping your site fresh and Google-friendly, since the search engine giant loves fresh content.

Our professional copywriting team brings years of experience and training to the job of creating fresh, timely blog post copy for you to post to your website (or we can handle that for you!). You’ll receive 1 – 4 niche specific, optimized blog posts on the subjects of your choice, written in your voice.

Done-for-You Monthly Blog Writing… Pricing based upon package selection.

1 – 4 Blog Posts per month, niche specific and optimized for search engines.

Keyword Research and Analysis

Being found by the search engines is critical to the success of any online enterprise, which makes search engine optimization, or SEO, a necessity which cannot be ignored. The foundation of effective SEO is the proper use of Targeted Keywords. Trying to optimize a website without at least basic keyword research and analysis, even the most diligent SEO efforts become mere guess work. With more advanced research and analysis of your targeted keywords, you are much more likely to improve your rankings in the search results, advancing over time to the top of the search results page.

At VBP, our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive list of high-value targeted keywords for use in on-page SEO, categories, tags, headers, Meta descriptions, image “alt tags,” and as content generation ideas.

Advanced Keyword Research and Analysis… $549

Advanced research and analysis of 100-150 Targeted Keywords that are specific to your niche, including opportunities for placement in the Top 10 Google Search Results for each phrase.

Your Keyword Research and Analysis Report will contain a full explanation of the data we discover, how best to use the targeted phrases, and suggested Meta data for your Home Page.

Done-for-You Website SEO

Most of our clients have no idea how to perform search engine optimization (SEO) on their website. That’s OK, because we DO know how to perform SEO on your website. Beyond creating optimized content for you web pages and blog posts, we can perform Done-for-You SEO. Let us plug those targeted keywords into your website where they will do the most good!

Website SEO… $199

Perform On-page SEO for up to 10 website pages and/or blog posts, including Meta title, Meta description, and Meta tags for each.