FAQ Page

How is my privacy protected when I work with you?

For the majority of the clients we work with, we utilize cloud based tools or proprietary applications that protect our clients data. We do not share information across platforms nor do we share common platforms with the clients we work with.


How does your pricing work?

We offer a variety of different pricing options. We work with our clients on an hourly or a project basis. There are no start up fees, no hour minimums to guarantee or overhead costs that are passed on to you. You only pay for the time you use. We track all of our time and bill once per month.  Simple and efficient!

How do we communicate?

We communicate with our clients a variety of different ways, according to your preference. Whether it’s over the phone, email, Skype or other means, just let us know your preference. We also meet with our clients on a weekly or bi-weekly basis for project check-ins.


What is your graphic and web design process?

Graphic design and web design is a process, not a one and done approach.  When starting a new design project, there are  several steps of the graphic design process to follow that will help you to achieve the best results. Rather than jump right into a graphics software program to try to create a final version, we will work with you by first researching the topic, asking you to provide us samples of what you like and/or dislike, finalizing your content (see below), starting with an initial draft and then getting final approval on designs.

If you have existing copy or need new copy for your graphic or web site, we can work with you on that too!  Whether it’s simple editing or a full write up, our team can work with you to create custom content that is unique for you and your brand.


What is Internet Marketing?

Even as our online world continues to grow, and as Online Marketing becomes more popular, the demands of Internet Marketing have become ever more complex. From client acquisition to targeted marketing strategies; from email marketing to eCommerce marketing; from social media to branding, meeting your marketing objectives in the digital world is often frustrating – and always challenging.

Our Certified Internet Marketing Consultant Services have been designed, based on years of experience and training, to help you meet those challenges – and reduce your frustration.