Sell more…earn more.  Financial planner and insurance agents, if you are spending your valuable client time on paperwork, tracking down requirements, and dealing with administrative issues, what opportunities are you missing?

Support for Insurance and Financial Service Businesses

  • Call answering assistance
  • Track CEs
  • Track state licensing
  • Carrier appointment paperwork
  • CRMs – SalesForce, Grendel, Pareto, RedTail, InfusionSoft
  • Follow up on pending requirements
  • Tracking sales opportunities
  • Client services assistance with prepping forms and applications or assisting client with making general account changes
  • Warm calling (see below)
  • Client concierge such as birthday and holiday cards
  • Presentation creation
  • Tradeshow and seminar lead management
  • Calendar management
  • Manage paperwork (meeting notes, call notes, electronic filing of documents)
  • Blogging
  • Monthly, quarterly or annual policy review appointments
  • Contact management assistance
  • New agent set up assistance
  • Quote management assistance
  • Web site design, maintenance and SEO
  • Create and manage newsletters
  • Social Media
  • PR / Media support  (industry trained specialist)
  • Marketing
  • Multimedia – Create video, video sales letters, video demos, video presentations, webinar development etc.
  • And much more!

Read our interview from where our client attributes his firm’s 50 percent increase in gross revenues over the past two years in large part due to working with a virtual assistant.

View Doreen’s presentation to the International Virtual Assistant’s Association – Expert of the Month Series – Contact us and we will be happy to send that to you!

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Learn about the power of social media and how Morgan Stanley FA landed a $70 million account via LinkedIn here.


Q:  What about Compliance?  Can I “hire” a virtual assistant?  

A:  I get asked this question a lot!  FINRA states that there is no limit on how many NRFs (Non-Registered Fingerprint Associate) a person (us) can have.  Therefore we can be dually registered.  Because we are not your employee, we are set up just like any other services firm such as your accountant or attorney who service multiple clients/companies in the same industry.

Please check with your broker-dealer (if applicable) to be sure you can bring on a virtual assistant to your team! This is a requirement both for you and for us!

Q:  What about conflicts of interest and privacy?

A:  Just like any other service that works in the financial services industry where privacy is paramount, we do not engage in the unlawful use of your information, your client’s information or share any processes and procedures with anyone else.

Q:  Do you have industry experience along with your skill set?

A:  Yes, we have working in this industry long before virtual assisting became main stream. In fact, Doreen Patrick (owner and founder) spear headed this idea while working at a corporate headquarters supporting C-level executives. She left that company to pursue her dream of starting her practice over 10 years ago with her former employer becoming a client!

Your Investment

We work with our clients on a retained or hourly service plans.  Package pricing is also available.  Contact us to learn more!

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