We are lucky to find really great clients. When we do, it is a mutually respectful and intentional two-way relationship that allows us to create great stuff. We are careful to work with small businesses, home-based businesses and entrepreneurs for whom true change is important, and whose products and services have potential for significant change. Life is too short to make it anything else.

Some of our clients include:

Our ideal clients are ones who embrace mutual respect, a collaborative working relationship, and a strong desire to succeed in their business. Our ideal clients are are not afraid to delegate and trust the process and know that we will work with them whether it’s high level or low level, hands on or hands off!

It doesn’t matter if you are starting out or are a veteran with more than 20 years of experience, if a potential client tends to procrastinate, changes priorities frequently, micro-manages or is more comfortable in a employee-boss relationship we will not be a fit.  We are fellow business owners who want to create win-win successes together!

Let’s explore together. Contact us today.

Doreen and her team do what they say they are going to do when they are going to do it. We have outsourced our marketing efforts to them and they have taken real ownership of it and executed on the things we have mutually identified are important to our business.

I can’t recommend Doreen and her team highly enough. They are extremely professional, have good attention to detail and become an extension of your business allowing you to focus on the things you

Randy Farnum, CEO, The S.W. Betz Company
I hired Doreen to be my assistant a number of years ago, and it’s one of the best investments that I’ve made in my business! With her help, I’ve been able to significantly increase the amount of business that I can handle, as she handles all of my scheduling and administrative tasks so that I can focus on what I do best – coaching my clients! I’ve also recommended her to a number of my clients, and they have benefited as well.

If you are looking to get rid of all of the administrative tasks and other projects in your business, so that you can focus on what you love to do, don’t hesitate to give Doreen a cal

Tom Kelly, Master Certified Coach, Potential in Motion
“Doreen is a very good at offering effective innovative methods for assisting in the positive promotion of our business.”
Walid Petiri, Owner & Chief Strategist, Financial Management Strategies, LLC
Doreen is a great assistant that effectively manages multiple projects at a time and keeps the focus on my priorities. I am grateful that she is a part of my team.
Susan Danzig, Business Development Coach for Financial Services Professionals, Susan Danzig, LLC
I’ve been collaborating with Doreen for over 2 years now and have found her work exemplary. As an independent sales agent in the luxury home furnishings business her handling of back office work and appointment setting has allowed me to focus on other areas of my business that have led to 2 consecutive years of better then average sales growth and customer retention.
Ted Fall, Luxury Home Furnishing Brands Sales Consultant and Real Estate Investor
Doreen has helped me to remain productive and efficient. She keeps me organized, anticipates needs, and is good with our clients. Doreen frees me up from administrative tasks so that I can focus on our clients
Weldon J. Reeves, CPA/PFS, CEBS, MBA, TR&R Investment Advisors
Why did you decide to hire a Virtual Assistant?
“A Virtual Assistant can do many things better and faster than I can. It only makes sense then to have them help.”

What has your experience working with a Virtual Assistant been like?
“Very good – I’ll be using again.”

Would you recommend hiring a Virtual Assistant to others and why?
“Absolutely – unless one has the need for a full time assistant, a Virtual Assistant is a very effective means of getting help when you need it.”

Mark Akerley, Sigma Resource Group